female business coach

Hi. I’m nat - just an entrepreneur who’s in love with being her own boss and helping other women do the same.

I’ve wanted to be an entrepreneur since I was 6.

Okay, maybe I didn’t know the term “entrepreneur” quite yet, but I knew I had dreams of owning my own business, having my own office and being a “boss girl” before that was even trendy.

When I was 6 I would carry around this little felt purse that had red handles and a heart sewn on it with all of my mini notepads, sticky notes and colored pencils in it and call it my “traveling office.” When I was 8 I begged and pleaded for my parents to turn one of our upstairs closet into an office for me (with no such luck – what 8-year-old needs an office!?). When I was 10, instead of playing house, I played office in our garage with an antique desk we stored out there and an old-fashioned typewriter that my nana gave me. When I was 12 my favorite book was the American Girl book - “A Smart Girl’s Guide to Making Money.” 

female business coach

The desire to be an entrepreneur has literally been coursing through my veins for years.

I started my wellness blog in college and it served as a fun side-hustle passion-project for years, but I knew I craved something bigger.

But, as I’m sure many of you have experienced, I hit a roadblock right before graduating college – HOW would I turn it into a profitable business? HOW could I turn down a stable 9-5 job? HOW could I do everything it would take to make my business in to what I wanted it to be? 

I was stuck in the place between my role as daydreamer and businesswoman, who was desperately stuck between making her dreams her reality.

After graduation I got what I thought was my “dream job,” but knew I was still lying to myself. I knew I was still simply afraid of the work I knew I needed to put in to make my business come to life.

So, two months later I quit. I hustled my a** off and I finally made my dreams a reality. I turned my side-hustle passion-project into my full-time job. I’m a Jill of many trades when it comes to my business, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Being a holistic health coach, wellness blogger and podcaster allows me to advocate for chronic illness, help other women be their healthiest selves and explore my passions for food and holistic healing. 

Being a business and branding coach allows me to indulge in my studies from college, my passion for helping other women harness their boss babe spirit and my knowledge of design and graphics. 

female business coach

“I’m not here to tell you how to get rich quick. I’m here to help you turn your dreams into reality”

Some days it feels like I’m running two businesses, and, honestly, I am. But I see so many business coaches sharing information about making an X-figure income and their huge successes and I always question: “but where did they come from? How did it all start? What did they do to be able to become a business coach? Did they magically wake up and make six figures one day and suddenly realized they should tell others how to do the same?”

So, I’m determined to not be one of those business coaches. I’m not here to tell you how to get rich quick. I’m here to transform your dreams into reality. I’m here to coach you as you turn what’s in your head into tangible, actionable steps. I’m here to help you build a business. I’m here to support you through the messy parts of working on your passions. I’m here to be REAL, while helping you finally commit to actually turning yourself from that daydreamer to that businesswomen you’ve always daydreamed about. 

female business coach

I’m here to be real with you on your entrepreneurial journey. I’m here to show you where I came from so you know that you can do it too. I’m here to pour my knowledge and expertise into YOU because every woman deserves to have her dreams come true. Women supporting women is cool, but BUSINESSwomen supporting other businesswomen is even cooler.

The only thing different about me and you is that I decided to push my fears away and just do the damn thing.

And I think it’s your turn now. Are you in?