The Why Behind My Business Coaching Passion

female business coach

Do you ever feel like you were meant for MORE? Was that a “hell yes” I heard??? If so, I’VE BEEN THERE. Trust me.

I had felt this way for a long time. This business that I now run started off as a side-hobby blog in college, but it quickly made me realize – I was meant for more.

I loved learning (I was a mass communication major, so I got to learn a lot about writing, social media, marketing, business and the like), I loved my school, I loved my professors… but I hated the idea of simply leaving college to help make someone else’s company run smoothly. To make someone ELSE’S dreams continue.

I remember writing in my journal one day, crying my little eyes out thinking about job applications – “what if the straight and narrow looks like a dark and winding path to me.”

And ya’ll… that’s EXACTLY what it looked like in my mind. Every time I pressed “submit” on yet another public relations or marketing job I would break down in tears. Not because I was nervous of not getting the job, but because I was nervous that I would.

I would sit on my couch, stare out my window and think about my post-grad life and feel… nothing. No excitement, no joy, no nothin’.

There were so many days I wrestled with my own mind – “Am I lazy? Is that why I don’t want a 9-5? Am I intimidated by corporate America? Am I scared that I will fail?”

But every time I asked myself these questions the answer was always “no.” I knew I could succeed in a 9-5, corporate job. I’m a hard worker, I take direction well, I’m smart. But I still couldn’t bring myself to dive in to that world.

I knew with all of my heart I wanted to take my business full-time, that all I wanted in this world was to be an entrepreneur (I’ve known that since the ripe age of 8 when I would beg my parents to turn one of our closets into an office for me), but I just didn’t know how to make it work.

So, I switched gears and decided to get my personal training certification only a couple of months before graduation. I thought “FINALLY. I found my calling.” But I knew deep down entrepreneurialism was still calling my name. But I pushed it aside because “at least I didn’t have a desk job.” Which, although true, didn’t end up meaning as much as I thought.

Sure, I traded my future at a desk for a (short-lived) future walking 13 miles a day, scrambling for clients and spending far too many hours cooped up in a gym with no windows. I loved the gym I worked at (and I still work out there and have literally made some of my BEST friends there), but my heart was still screaming at me.

You are meant for more.

I would spend 3-4 hours every morning working on my own business before going in to the gym at noon, only to come back and work on it more into the late hours of the night, until one day I called myself out on my bull shit.

I called myself out for cowering away from making my dreams come true. I called myself out for not believing in my abilities to succeed as an entrepreneur. I called myself out for ignoring my true passions. I called myself out for ignoring the voice telling me – you are meant for more.

So, I buckled down, quit my job and committed to making. this. work.

And the moment I dove head first into entrepreneurial freedom it was like my soul took a deep breath and I finally felt like I was TRULY living well. Because now, along with my workouts and healthy food and million cups of water each day and journaling, I also had career satisfaction. It wasn’t until then that I realized how priceless of a part our CAREERS and callings play in living well.

Your workouts don’t matter if you wake up loathing your job every day. Hating 40 hours of your week? Not ideal.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but no one who isn’t willing to work hard is going to try their hand at this life.

And that’s when it hit me. So many women I encounter on Instagram and in my day-to-day life each day also know that they are meant for more. They work their a**es off with their blogs and side hustles and Instagrams because they all know, YOU all know, in the back of your head you’re meant for more.

And I realized I could use my knowledge, my experience, my college degree and expertise to help other women find true wellness through career satisfaction. I could transform women’s lives by transforming their ideas into real, tangible, put-on-paper brands and businesses.

I realized that part of ME being meant for more, means helping other women realize this too and ACT on it.

I don’t measure my success in numbers – of Instagram followers or income – but instead by the way I feel I’m impacting the world. Because when I felt like I was meant for more, it wasn’t necessarily that I felt like I was meant for more in a selfish way, but instead that I was meant for more and to GIVE more to others.

Business coaching has opened a new world for me and it’s the most empowering thing seeing the amount of women who are willing to take the leap and expand their brands and businesses, who are willing to say “Natalie, you know what? I’m meant for more and I know you can help me get there.”

Since starting business coaching, I’m convinced that women entrepreneurs are going to take over the whole damn world.

Now the question is, are you going to be one of them?