21 Things I've Learned in 21 Years

Happy birthday to me! :) I seriously can't believe I turn 21 today... I swear I'll never feel any older than 18 (sometimes I still even feel 12 lol). I have such a fun day planned with my family and you betcha I'll be doing a full recap on the blog in the next couple of the days. Let's just say my plans include the new Pressed Juicery in Seattle for dessert. ;)

For some reason this birthday feels bigger (and no, not just because I can now legally buy alcohol), and I think it's because I've learned so much this past year and even just this past semester about myself and what I want in life. I've been thinking a lot about all that I've learned in my 21 years of life (that I wish I knew all along) and wanted to share some here with you. I also included some highlights of my 21st year because I'm a very reflective person and love looking back at all that I've experienced and accomplished. :)

  1. It really doesn't matter what other people think.

  2. And when you finally learn to not care what other people think, life is SO much better.

  3. Being different is 100% okay (and it's actually really awesome) (Ran my third half marathon alongside my papa who ran his first!)

  4. Being strong and fueling your body is so much better than simply being skinny.

  5. Genuinely loving yourself does not make you stuck up - it just gives you more love to give to others.

  6. Invest in the people that invest in you. Surround yourself with people who love and support you unconditionally. (Reconnected with this gem of a girl and haven't gone a day without talking since! So grateful for her constant love and support)

  7. The people that don't invest in you? Don't be afraid to let them go.

  8. God has a plan and the only way to feel true peace is by trusting in that plan (trust me, this last year has had twists and turns, ups and downs, but I've gotten through because I know each one was purposeful in my life).

  9. Saying no to opportunities is 100% okay and is sometimes so necessary to keep your sanity, no matter how amazing the opportunity seems.

  10. Stand strong in your values even when it seems like no one understands you.

  11. Others can only affect you negatively if you allow them to. When you feel others' negativity, stress or rudeness getting to you, shut it off and focus inwards. (Finally learned to truly look inwards and be confident in who I am)

  12. Alone time is the greatest gift you can give yourself. It gives you time to face the emotions you're feeling at any given time, it gives you time to develop your passions and interests and it helps you refocus your energy so you have more energy to give to others and all that you have to do.

  13. Always, and I mean always, pencil in your eyebrows. ;)

  14. Being a morning person is freaking amazing and getting at it early each and every day will make you feel unstoppable all day long.

  15. Work hard in school, but don't define yourself by your grades. Learning is something to love, not to feel like a slave to. (Went to my first blogger's conference and made great connections and learned how to further keep growing the blog!)

  16. Just freaking own who you are! You're unique and different and probably a little weird, but embrace every nook and cranny of that unique, different weirdness and love it fully. (Got elected president of my sorority and get to serve on exec with my amazing big and little! I also snatched up this doll of a little this year and my life hasn't been the same since)

  17. You're too full of love to be half loved. Being single is never a bad thing, so don't spend all of your time searching for the next boy.

  18. Stress is a choice. It's like a switch - it's up to YOU to turn it off. (The blog turned one and over the course of the year it's grown in so many ways)

  19. Having your parents as your best friends is a blessing and should never be taken for granted.

  20. Never miss an opportunity to tell someone how much they mean to you, to thank someone or to show thoughtfulness. You feel your happiest when you make those around you happy. (Got the chance to live with two of my very best friends and they've made this semester a dream. And yes, somehow this is the only picture of the three of us LOL )

  21. LIFE IS GOOD AND THERE IS ALWAYS SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR! Live each day with this mindset because it's so dang true.

Feeling so blessed today to have such amazing support from my family, friends and all of you. Here's to another amazing year in this amazing life!

XO nat