5 Things I've Learned From Blogging for One Year

Today calls for a celebration because BLONDE GONE CLEAN HAS BEEN ROCKIN' IT FOR ONE YEAR! I can hardly believe I've been blogging for an entire year because it FLEW BY, but at the same time I feel like this blog has been in my life forever because I can barely remember what pre-BGC life was like. ;)

The blog has become such an amazing way for me to express myself and share my passions  and I have truly grown so much because of it. In the past year of blogging I've learned...

  1. What my passions truly are: Through the blog I've been able to really focus on developing my passions of running, fitness, nutrition and writing. AND It's been so amazing getting to share these passions with all of you.

  2. That writing is DEFINITELY one of my favorite things: Relating to the first point, getting to reconnect with my passion of writing has been so much fun. I've loved writing since I was tiny. I used to write in a journal almost every day, write fictional short stories (LOL @ 80% of them), write lists, literally write whatever, whenever. When I went to college I got out of the habit of journaling and once I started blogging I realized how much I missed writing.

  3. To be confident in who I am and own my actions: When I first started blogging I'm going to be honest, I felt awkward about it. Putting myself out there made me uncomfortable and it caused me to not get as into it, not be as honest and sometimes slack off when it came to posting on the blog's social media. I cared too much about what others thought. When you're a blogger and you're writing for the public eye you just can't care. Period. So I stopped worrying about what others thought and just embraced it. This is who I am. I LOVE fitness and nutrition and I love sharing that love with others and I'm not afraid to share it anymore. By developing these passions further I've also just changed a lot and I'm finally in a place where I am 100% okay with that. More than okay, I'm ecstatic about who I've become and I no longer feel like I need to hold back.

  4. To live life with purpose: Because the blog has helped me find my true passions, I've also naturally began to live life with more purpose to it. I just feel so focused and feel that all of my actions help me develop my passions further and align well with the new me. I used to kind of just wander around (especially in the summer), not knowing what to do if I wasn't surrounded by friends or wasn't busy with work or other plans. Now, I feel like I never have a spare second to be anything close to bored because any down time I have I fill with working on the blog, researching new topics, reading books about expand my knowledge of fitness, running, nutrition, cooking, blogging, etc. and that feels GOOD.

  5. SO much about nutrition and fitness: Last but not least, one of the greatest parts of this last year is how much knowledge I've gained on these two topics. In the words of my roommate: "It's like you're taking a whole other class." AND IT'S TRUE. Sometimes I spend hours researching for blog posts or just for fun to get inspiration. But you know what? I LOVE IT. So yes, it may be like a whole other class and it may take up a huge chunk of time, but I've never once cared because it's so exciting and fun for me.

This blog has become a part of me and for that I am forever grateful. A HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported me over the last year and I can't wait to see what this next year has in store for the blog and for me. :) AND keep an eye out for an upcoming giveaway on my Instagram next week!

XO nat