5 Ways to Elevate Your Morning & Nightly Routines

morning routine

If you’ve gone through my week of wellness program, you’ll know one of the KEY elements in my wellness philosophy is having healthy habits and routines.


Because having healthy habits and routines in place that you practice every single day automatically guarantees you’re showing yourself a little more self-love, prioritizing yourself and setting yourself up for success throughout the days and weeks. Having a routine also keeps you motivated and on-track with your goals no matter what they are. .

I could go on for hours about all of the healthy habits I find helpful and even crucial to living well, I’ll start simple – if you don’t have a morning and nightly routine in place, get on it sister!!! 

Seriously, if I had to choose only a handful of healthy habits to keep in place, my morning and nightly routine would be top of the list.

morning routine

Having a morning routine…

  • Starts your day on a calmer, less stressful note

  • Gives you time to yourself before the hustle and bustle of the day

  • Allows you space to get in-tune with your thoughts and set yourself up for a positive day

  • Sets you up to have a healthier day and to continue making healthy choices. People always say having a healthy breakfast motivates you to keep making healthy choices and this is similar. By choosing YOU and giving yourself some love in the AM motivates you to keep choosing you all day long.

  • Serves as a reminder first-thing in the morning to prioritize yourself

  • Provides you the time needed to nourish your body before work or school

Having a nightly routine…

  • Ends your day on a calmer, less stressful note

  • Helps you sleep better and more soundly

  • In-turn helps you wake up feeling more rested and positive

  • Gives you time to check in with yourself and your thoughts after a busy day

morning routine

I could go on and on and ON about the importance of morning and nightly routines, but I want to get to the tangible ways YOU can start creating your own routines: 

5 Ways to Elevate Your Morning & Nightly Routines:

  1. Create a morning and nightly routine “menu”: I get it - you’re not going to want to do the same thing every day, so create a list of all the things you know make you feel good in the morning and at night and pick and choose each day depending on what you’re feeling like and how much time you have.

  2. Only pick things you actually enjoy: just because jade rolling or meditating or journaling work for some people doesn’t mean it has to work for YOU. Pick things that make you feel rejuvenated and make you excited to hop out of bed in the morning or relaxed enough to fall into bed at night.

  3. Don’t overdo it: I see some people’s routines on Instagram and all I can think is “dang girl how do you have time for that!?” I give myself QUITE a bit of time for both of my morning and nightly routines, and even I find some to be crazy extravagant. Don’t feel pressured to fit in EVERYTHING.

  4. Practice makes perfect: it might take a few frustrating days accidently sleeping too late to get in your new morning routine or getting up in time but feeling extra groggy or a few nights forcing yourself to put the work away but trust me. It will become habit one day and you won’t even remember your life without your rejuvenating routines!

  5. Set yourself up for success: Make sure you aren’t making it more difficult on yourself to get in the groove of creating healthy morning and nightly routines. If one of your goals is to add a workout into your morning routine, lay your gym clothes out and pack your gym back the night before. If you want to incorporate journaling and other calm activities into your nightly routine, don’t get in the habit of using your bedroom as your nightly work or TV spot (keep your room zen). It’s all about finding ways to support yourself on your wellness journey!


morning routine

No two morning and nightly routines are the same, so it’s important to really experiment and find what works best for YOU. They don’t need to be trendy or Instagram-worthy. They don’t need to be modeled after a celebrity’s or wellness guru’s routine. They don’t need to be elaborate.

Here are some ideas for items to add to your morning and nightly routines:

Morning: stretching, working out, outdoor walk, yoga, making a cozy drink, making a nourishing breakfast, journaling reading, meditation, setting daily intentions, thinking of what you’re grateful for, picking a daily mantra or affirmation card

Nighttime: stretching, meditating, yoga, journaling, reading, jade rolling, essential oils, face mask, reading poetry, creating a facial routine, tongue scraping, drinking tea

morning routine

Just remember - your routines simply need to nourish YOUR body, soul and mind and feel right to YOU. If that means slow yoga and tea to one person and a sweaty workout and coffee to you, then go for it girlfriend! Just tune in and figure out what ways you want to feel in the morning and before you get to bed. But whatever you do, I promise creating a morning and nightly routine will only help elevate your wellness to a whole new level.

XO nat

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