Build Dat Booty Bodyweight (+resistance band) Workout!


Week one in Luxembourg is complete and I can't get over how amazing this trip has already been. I honestly don't know how I'm going to say goodbye to this beautiful place.

I transitioned a lot quicker than I thought I would and I already feel at home here which has made my experience that much better. I take the bus everywhere, I have a favorite coffee shop and fresh-juice stop, I (almost) completely know my way around, I've explored lots of cute neighborhoods and countrysides on my runs and I've found the yummiest foodie spots and natural markets.

It's been a total dream.


I truly believe keeping my morning routine and continuing to run and workout has played a huge role in this easier transition. It helps me feel a sense of calming normalcy. Plus, starting my day early and with a kick a** workout always leaves me feeling so much more energized and happy throughout the entire day. Endorphins truly do wonders.

And although I'm keeping my "normal" routine, I'm not working out at a gym. I was a little nervous about this at first, but knew it was good to get outside of my comfort zone and try something different while I was here. Instead of my usual heavy weights, I've been doing bodyweight and resistance band workouts and DAMN. I'm FEELING it!!! (Plus, with marathon training it's been nice not going so hard with the weights on leg day especially)

I've been getting more out of breath and sore than I was from lifting in the gym at home, which seems CRAZY, but it just goes to show you how much work you can do with just your body and a few cheap resistance bands if you put your mind to it. I know I'll be missing the gym and my weights by the time I get home, but I also want to incorporate more bodyweight workouts because they truly seem to be working better for me! And I can do them outside, so that's a HUGE plus.

This booty and leg workout left me hobbling the next day (aka the day of my long run last week so that was a struggle. But a fun struggle. Because I'm crazy). And guess what?! Going through each circuit once only takes 10 minutes!!! Go through it as many times as you wish to make it as long as you want. I've been going through them 3-4 times to get in a longer, more intense sweat. All you need is a little space (but not a big one!), a set of inexpensive resistance bands and your body!


  1. 20 jump squats

  2. 20 bodyweight squats

  3. 20 pulse squats

  4. 20 second hold

  5. REPEAT ALL but in a sumo squat formation (after you've done each move once through in normal form and sumo form, that equals one circuit) NOTE: to work more of your booty, try the normal-form squats (bodyweight, pulse and hold) with one of the resistance bands around your mid-thighs.


  1. 10 step-back lunges on each side. When you get to 10, pulse 10 times (do this for each side).

  2. 10 curtsy squats on each side. Once again, when you get to 10, pulse 10 times (do this for each side).


3. 10 laying hip abductions with resistance band on each side.


  1. 10 singled-leg deadlifts on each side.


2. 20 single-leg hip thrusts on each side (NOTE: to take it up a notch, try it with a resistance band around your middle-thighs).


3. Resistance band booty-work - 20 pointed-toe pulses (leg slightly turned out) on each side


- 20 flexed-foot pulses (hips square to the wall, or in my case, tree) on each side


- 20 side pulses on each side

I hope this workout gets your legs and booty burning as much as it did mine! It's perfect when you're limited on resources, space or time. I'm truly learning to love these bodyweight workouts and finally understand the hype around them. I used to pound the weights like it was nobody's business, but I've realized how important it is to switch things up, because so many forms of fitness are effective!

XO nat

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