Celebrating TWO Years of Blonde Gone Clean: Passions & Finding What Drives YOU


If you had asked me ten, five or even three years ago what my passions were, my response would be a lot different than it is now.

I probably would have said “dancing,” “cheerleading,” or “writing.” Looking back at this I now realize those things weren’t truly passions. They were activities I did, activities I enjoyed doing and activities I was good at.

I lost my “passion” for dancing in 9th grade when cheerleading fell into my path. And my “passion” for cheerleading went out the door faster than it took me to walk across the stage at my high school graduation.


I say these in quotes not because I’m trying to illegitimaze (that's not a word but it just really seems to work here) my love for those activities at the time I was doing them, but because I now know what true passion feels like. I liked to dance and I liked to cheer, but I never felt this burning in my soul when I did either activity. For a split second I thought dancing was my true passion, but after almost 12 years of tiresome hours in the studio and more tears than I care to remember and a particularly demeaning instructor saying “if you don’t want to become a professional dancer, what are you doing here?” I realized it wasn’t my passion after all.


When I started cheering in high school I absolutely loved it. I loved the fun dances, the buzz of the crowd at football games, the bright lights, the cute uniforms, the flying. It was just so FUN. The summer before senior year of high school I thought cheering was something I wanted to pursue at a higher level. The cheer camp we went to each year had invited me to apply to be on staff the following summer and I ate it up. Right away I signed up for private partner stunting lessons and tumbling lessons and that entire summer was pretty much spent driving hours each day to morning high school practices, midday stunting practices and nighttime tumbling lessons. I was exhausted all the time and it finally hit me. This so wasn’t what I wanted.

With my love for both dance and cheer it always felt a little forced.


And I’m very thankful for these “passions,” although not long-term, because they both shaped me into who I am today, taught me leadership skills, gave me confidence and got me out of my shell.

Now, my “passion” for writing was a little more legitimate. My mom says I pretty much started “writing” as soon as I could hold a pencil. There’s a picture of me sitting in my mom’s bed in my PJs probably no older than one and a half, holding a pencil and looking very serious as I “wrote” (because what can a 2-year-old really write lol).


But I always just wrote kind of aimlessly. Short story here, diary entry there (I kept a journal since I was probably 5 and it’s so fun looking back on them now).

But now. Now, my writing is a real passion. Because I write about the topics I’m passionate about. I write to inspire others. I write to better myself. I write to share my story.


Finding my passions for health, fitness, running, cooking and sustainable agriculture has truly changed my life. Blonde Gone Clean has changed my life in ways I could never imagine and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

This day isn’t just celebrating two years of Blonde Gone Clean, it’s celebrating who I’ve become through these two years.


I’m raising my glass (of green juice that is) to the confidence I’ve found, to my newfound ability to be vulnerable through my writing, to the passions that make me jump out of bed in the morning, to the grief that this platform has helped me through, to the vast amount of knowledge I’ve gained about health, fitness and nutrition, to the life-long friends I’ve made in this community, to the completely new life path that I’ve been taken on, to every up and down and learning experience. I’m raising my glass to the fact that I’ve finally found my true passions. Passions that aren’t fleeting, but are life-long loves.


But I’m also raising my glass to YOU. Today is also about celebrating all of you and your constant support, love and encouragement. So thank you for sticking by my side for the last two years. Thank you for being a part of my squad and for loving me so well.

I truly encourage you to dig deep and find what drives you. What makes you want to hop out of bed in the morning? What could you read about, talk about, research or share about all day long? What sparks your fire?


That? That’s your calling, your true passion. And THAT shouldn’t be ignored. No matter how unconventional or different your passions are, honor them. Pursue them. Dive head first into them. I promise, you won’t look back.


So here’s to many more years of Blong Gone Clean! I can’t wait to see where this next year takes me.

XO nat