(please note that the product discussed in this cinnamon banana smoothie recipe was sent to me via BeeFree for review, but all opinions are honest!)

I’m so excited to share this cinnamon banana smoothie with you guys!! When I first started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet I kind of fell off my smoothie game because I could no longer have my normal protein powders (read: super sweet protein powders full of stevia, gums and other crap that was v bad for my stomach). My taste buds were so used to extremely sweet smoothies that I didn’t know how to make a smoothie that still tasted good to me without the stevia-filled protein powders.

But after doing the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for some time, it’s like my taste buds got retrained. I have such a sensitivity to sweetness now and things that used to not seem that sweet now taste EXTRA sweet. It’s crazy how our bodies and tastes change over time!


So, naturally, I’m back on the smoothie grind and I’m SO happy to be back. I used to love super tropical, berry-filled smoothies, but have started loving more hearty-tasting smoothies. Okay… hearty isn’t really the right word, but you (hopefully) get my gist. I like smoothies that are creamy, comforting and thick like ice cream. If it ain’t thick I don’t want it #sorrynotsorry.

One way I always make my smoothies more “hearty” (we’re just going with it guys) is by adding healthy fats and proteins in (and on top!) to keep me more satisfied. Being on SCD the only protein I’ve been adding to my smoothies is Vital Proteins collagen. I either add the plain, classic peptides OR the coconut water vanilla collagen. The plain one doesn’t taste, which is nice if I just want the smoothie ingredients to shine through and the coconut water vanilla has only a subtle taste. PLUS they have no added weird stuff (Natural flavors? Stevia? Xantham gum? Heck no). You can read more about why I take collagen here.


The healthy fats I add are where it gets more creative. My go-to healthy fat smoothie additions are:

  1. Nut/seed butters (I’m on a total sun butter kick, but I also will forever love almond butter)

  2. Coconut butter (no, it’s not the same as coconut oil. Yes, it IS addicting)

  3. Tahini (seriously addicted to this lately too, but it definitely has an earthier flavor so add with caution if you’re new to tahini!)

  4. Avocado (you really can’t taste it and it makes your smoothies SO creamy!)

  5. Frozen coconut (I love the inner-eco packs or the frozen coconut chunks from trader joe’s)


also love adding healthy fats on TOP of my smoothies (hence why I like ‘em thick). Seriously – I pretty much only make smoothies for the toppings.  From paleo granola, to coconut flakes, this girl is alllll about the toppings. I’m also all about the textures (mouth feel is huge for me), so I love adding a mixture of crunchy and chewy on top of my smoothie bowls! One of my newest favorites to get that chewy element is BeeFree’s grain free, soft-baked Warrior Mix granola. I’ve tried the original and Mae’s apple pie flavors and am vibing SO HARD with them. They’re nutty, chewy and packed with REAL ingredients – grain free, gluten free, dairy free, paleo, scd friendly, no refined sugar (only sweetened with honey). Basically I’m in love.


And you know what’s even better? The story and the passion behind the brand. They started BeeFree in order to help their son who has autism, because they knew the power of nutrition. And I absolutely LOVE that.

There’s nothing I love more than supporting companies that have an inspiring story and do so much good for this world. Their story touched my heart because I love seeing others understand the power of food.

So make sure to whip up this addicting smoothie bowl (that tastes like ice cream) soon and top it off with some BeeFree goodies!!

XO nat

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Cinnamon Banana Smoothie Shake (Paleo + Dairy Free + Gluten Free + SCD-Friendly)

This cinnamon banana smoothie shake tastes like ice cream and is PACKED with nutrients! Paleo, dairy free, gluten free AND Specific Carbohydrate Diet friendly!


1 1/2 frozen bananas

1/2 cup frozen cauliflower rice

5 ice cubes

1/2 cup greens of choice

1-2 dates

2 Tbsp coconut cream from canned, full-fat coconut milk

1 Tbsp almond butter

1 Tbsp cinnamon

1 scoop vanilla protein powder optional

1/4-1/2 cup almond milk


  1. In a blender, place your bananas, frozen cauliflower rice, ice cubes, greens and dates (depending on your preferred sweetness you can add one or two).

  2. When adding your coconut cream, make sure you are using canned full-fat coconut milk. The solid portion should be at the top - scoop your two Tablespoons from that, avoiding the liquid underneath. If you cannot find full-fat coconut milk without any additives that you want to use, simply add an extra Tablespoon of almond butter or a Tablespoon of coconut butter.

  3. Next, add your almond butter, cinnamon, optional protein powder and almond milk (depending on how powerful of a blender you have and how thick you like your smoothies, add less or more).

  4. Blend until smoothie, top with all of your favorite toppings and ENJOY!