Finding Community and Support Through the IBD Healthline App

ulcerative colitis blogger

In May I talked about the launch of the IBD Healthline app and here I am, weeks later and still LOVING it.

Healthline has truly created such a positive network, community and space for those of us battling IBD every day. It’s given us a place to open up, be vulnerable, seek advice, hear each other’s stories and use our voices.

Talking about your diagnosis can be scary and daunting, but knowing that every single person in the app can relate on some level gives such comfort that I haven’t once thought “Oh no, should I not post this? What will people think?”

Because I know what people will think – this girl is a fighter just like me.

Even if I can’t relate to every post in the IBD Healthline app (and vice versa when people see my posts), I know, even if our specific journeys, symptoms and struggles aren’t the exact same, we all know the weight of dealing daily with a chronic illness; we all know the frustrations of our bodies not doing what we wish; we all know the immense joy a single pain-free or symptom-free day brings.

ulcerative colitis blogger

We all, in some way, get each other. And feeling understood, after finding it the norm to be misunderstood due to my disease, is the greatest gift Healthline could have given the IBD community.

The groups feature has been especially helpful as I navigate my own health journey because it allows me to focus on the topics that are most pertinent to my individual journey. This gives an even greater sense of understanding because everyone writing in that group is sharing and seeking the same types of advice or knowledge.

My favorite groups have been “Diet & Alternative Medicine” and “Mental and Emotional Help” because those are two of the areas I am most passionate when it comes to IBD and diving into my own journey, as well as helping my clients in their own personal journeys.

Being able to dive further into these areas with other IBD fighters has been extremely eye opening as all of our views and stories are so diverse, yet so intertwined in many ways.

My top 5 favorite parts about the IBD Healthline app are:

  1. Being able to reach IBD fighters outside of Instagram: a lot of my community has obviously been grown through my website and Instagram, so it’s been really amazing and eye opening to start creating a community through a new platform.

  2. Hearing so many diverse IBD journey stories: I am so amazed by and proud of how vulnerably we all share in the app - sharing our hard days and triumphant days. I’ve learned so much from everyone else - about symptoms I’ve never experienced, new diets and medications and so much more.

  3. The compassion everyone has for each other: It’s so uplifting seeing the compassion pouring out of everyone’s hearts. Everyone truly has each other’s best interests at heart and no matter what, even if people can’t truly give an answer to someone’s question, they are offering support.

  4. The LIVE chats: I absolutely love being able to tune in for others’ live chats and get real time feedback from other IBD fighters, and equally love hosting them as well. I love getting to speak about areas in which I’m passionate about as it relates to IBD. I have a live chat TONIGHT (June 20th) at 6:30 pm PST and I’ll be discussing IBD and exercise.

  5. Having so many (reputable) articles right at my fingertips: I’m a total nerd and love reading up on new research surrounding IBD. I used to shy away from reading anything about it because it made me anxious, but now I realize knowledge is power. The more I know, the more I can help myself AND my clients.

The IBD Healthline app has provided me with a new space to be my most authentic self and feel supported and safe in my IBD journey.

Living with IBD isn’t easy, but the IBD Healthline app makes it easier.

Are you also an IBD fighter looking for support and a community? Download the free app here and dive on in!

You don’t have to do this alone. Xx

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