Find Your Passion, Find Your Purpose

It’s taken me 20 years to truly learn to own who I am. Own my passions, my values and my opinions. When I was younger I didn’t have many developed passions in life, besides dancing, and that was completely okay then. I was young and impressionable and was simply trying to fit in (and we all know how fun that can be…).

But over the last two-ish years (and YES I know I talk a lot about the change I went through in that time), I’ve become a highly passionate person. I have such a strong sense of everything I stand for and that isn’t always easy, especially when those passions don’t line up with what society expects from you as a 20-year old college girl.

But, I’ve learned to embrace that. When I first started growing into my new self, I didn’t know how to do that. I drew into myself, and my best friend/roomie can vouch for me, I was pretty damn antisocial. I knew I was different and I didn’t really know how to handle that.


(The new juice bar downtown makes me a very happy girl. Sunday morning juice runs with my little are what I'm all about!)

My passions of fitness, running, nutrition and living positively and with purpose had developed so greatly that it kind of threw my off because I didn’t fit into the same box that I had the previous year in college.

It took me quite awhile to be 100% confident in the fact that I was different.  Not just different from who I used to be, but different from pretty much every other college student.

And those passions have only grown stronger and deeper and developed and branched out, but as they’ve done so, I’ve also grown stronger in my confidence.


A couple of weeks back I was reading through one of Jordan Younger’s posts on The Balanced Blonde and a quote struck me: “It’s okay to be different, and it’s actually radically awesome to be different.”


(The atmosphere here is so dreamy and relaxing)

And she’s SO right.

As I’ve become more and more comfortable with being different I’ve felt this overwhelming surge to really dive into my passions and I’ve been doing it in every way I can. Reading my favorite bloggers that share the same focus, listening to podcasts that leave me so inspired that I feel like I could burst, researching topics and issues that I hold dear to me.

And sure, some people may think I’m overboard with the things I love, that I’m too set on certain things because of my passions, but I truly believe leading a passionate life is the only way to truly have a fulfilled life.

So YES I only buy organic and I make sure my meats were by no means factory farmed and YES I take what seems like an abnormal amount of alone time to reconnect with myself, my soul and my thoughts and YES I follow a pretty set in stone routine because it keeps me centered and YES I eat extremely healthy because I love nourishing my body with the absolute best. So YES my passions make me different, but they also make me who I am.


My challenge to you is to find your passion.

Passions make you excited for each and every day (even Mondays).

Passions give you spark.

Passions give you purpose.

Passions ground you.

Passions push you and shape you and change you.

Passions may make you different, but different is good.

Find what makes you jump out of that bed every morning, what makes you dread going to class simply because it means less time to spend on them, what you could talk about for hours and never get sick of.

Find what grounds you in who you are. Because trust me, it feels damn good.

XO nat