2016 Gift Guide For Your Foodie Friends

Raise your hand if you waited until the last minute to do your Christmas shopping. Don't lie, I know a lot of you did. ;) And I also know that some of the hardest people to shop for are us foodies. But don't you worry because I'm here to help!

I've compiled some of the best gifts to give to your friends and family members that are self proclaimed foodies. Trust me, they'll love unwrapping any of these goodies!

  1. A subscription to Raw Box: Subscription boxes are the BEST because it's like getting a present every few month. All snacks that come in this box are raw (duh), plant based and super healthy. Brands include Raw Revolution, Sun Warrior, Doctor in the Kitchen and tons more.

  2. TBB Apparel: Jordan Younger (the blonde behind The Balanced Blonde) is one of my absolute favorite bloggers. She's such a dynamic individual and pretty much does it ALL. Not only does she blog, teach yoga and write books, but she also has the cutest clothing line, TBB. Below are some of my top picks from her line.

  3. Eat Healthy Designs canvas totes: You can never have enough canvas totes for grocery shopping and the farmers market (yay sustainability!). These are super fun and help your friends and family show off their foodie-ness.

  4. Healthy Human thermos/water bottle: These bad boys keep your drinks hot (or cold) for HOURS. There's nothing worse than spending over five dollars on a turmeric latte and it getting cold before you can even drink it (that literally happened to me yesterday before church... but you betcha I still drank it).

  5. JKI Apparel "Kale Addict" sweatshirt: Another one of my favorite blogger babes, Just Kale It, alsohas her own clothing line and her "kale addict" sweatshirt is everything.

  6. Customizable Spoons: These are SO fun and can be customized for any type of foodie. Engrave it with the name of their blog (if they have one), or with funny quotes about their favorite foods.

  7. Superfoods: We love our superfoods, but our bank accounts don't always love them. Make any foodies day by slipping some maca, raw cacao nibs, Ashwagandha, Reishi or Amazing Grass superfood blends under the tree.

  8. FOOD: No joke, we love food and never mind getting fun food under the tree. Some of the best that any foodie would love? Salad Power juices (BLONDEGC for 25% off!), collagen peptides, Wild Friends nut butter and RX bars are all winners in my book. YUM.

Now get ordering! It's crazy to think there's less than a week left before Christmas, and as much as I wish I could stop time and live in a perpetual Christmastime, I know I (and all of you!) have to get moving. There are gifts to buy, gifts to wrap, cards to make and healthy treats to bake!

Although gifts are SO much fun to give and receive, don't forget to remember the true meaning of Christmas and hug your family extra tightly. :)

XO nat