How to Live Well: From Picture-Perfect Wellness to REAL Wellness

What does it mean to truly live well? If you had asked me this question almost three years ago, I would’ve said (probably after giving a big eye roll because duh doesn’t everyone know?) eating “clean” and exercising. A lot.

And let me tell you, I was the spitting image of that idealized, simplified, surface-level version of wellness at that time.

I worked out two hours every day, I lived off of the salad bar at school, I was thin as could be.

I looked the part to a T.

But here’s the thing. The more I worked out and the “cleaner” I ate, the more times I said “no” to a glass of wine or staying out late with friends, the longer my workouts lasted and the less rest days I took, the less well I actually became.

How to Live Well

How to Live Well

I wasn’t focusing on what truly mattered – the toxic relationships in my life, the grief breaking my heart, the eating disorder telling lies in my head, the exercise addiction and self-hatred clouding my vision in the mirror, the negativity continually festering inside of me.

I was pushing these things under the carpet, thinking the healthier I ate and the longer I ran, the more easily I could ignore them.

Thinking that dealing with those things would make me unwell. Because those things meant I was broken and sick and weak… right?

Well, yes, partially. I was broken and sick, but I sure as hell wasn’t weak. But also sure as hell wasn’t well, despite what my lifestyle appeared to be.

The death of a friend my freshman year of college broke me, and I tried to hide it, which led me to developing my eating disorder, exercise addiction and anxiety. I thought the more I controlled in my life, the easiest being the food I ate and the exercise I did, the less I would feel the heartbreak and grief. It was like I was trying to drown my grief in green juices and sweat.

But it didn’t work. It broke me more until I finally realized something had to change. And it took me years, almost four whole years to be exact, to figure out what that was. To dive into myself,

And I realize, a little more than four years after experiencing the most horrific time in my life, that I’m stronger than I have ever been, and that feels amazing ya’ll.

I went through hell, but I grew from the flames, and despite a few burns along the way, I’m here to tell the tale. And YOU are deserving of a comeback story like that. YOU are deserving of feeling like you’re living your best life and truly living well.

I went from extremely unwell, mind, body and soul, to the most well I have ever been in my entire life. I now live each day with gratitude in my heart, I see the world through a positive lens, I feel confident and happy and strong, I know my purpose in life. I finally understand that food and fitness are only two small parts of living well. And throughout the last four years I’ve really worked to formulate my own vision of wellness, real wellness, and have been able to grow into the wellness guru that I am today.

How to Live Well

How to Live Well

If you’ve ever felt unsure of how to truly live well, I’m here to help. Learn from my mistakes and rock bottom, so you don’t have to drop that far (but hey, if you have, I’ve gotchoo and I’ll pull you right back up).

And that’s why I’m so damn excited to be able to help all of you further in the very near future as a certified holistic health coach. With my online programs and 1:1 coaching, I’m going to help guide you to truly live a well live. A life not only full of healthy food and exercise, but full of positivity, self acceptance, self love, confidence and pure joy.

I’m going to be here to be your biggest advocate and cheerleader, that voice of reason and boost of confidence that you need, the sounding board and confidant you’ve been searching for. I have the tools, the experiences, the knowledge and the passion needed to help YOU start living the life you were meant to live.

Interested in getting a sneak peek at my philosophies on wellness? I’ll be running a FREE week long wellness day-by-day challenge through a private Facebook group December 3rd-9th and it’s going to be so. much. fun!!!!! With a daily video from me, action items and journal prompts, each day focusing on a different sector of TRUE wellness, you’ll leave the week feeling refreshed and having a broader understanding of and appreciation for real wellness.

If you’re ready to take the leap and make changes in your life, to face the negativity in your head or your self-doubt, if you’re ready to focus on what really matters and start living your best life, then click this link  to head to the Facebook group and join now!

How to Live Well

How to Live Well

I’ll be checking in each day on the Facebook group and providing daily inspiration and fun templates to help you. I announced this early to my newsletters gang (perks of signing up ya'll!) and the first FIVE ladies that signed up will be getting a free 1:1 30-minute video call with me at the end of the program to help them work and talk through whatever it is that’s on their heart and mind as it relates to living your version of a well life. Because you were meant to live the healthiest, happiest life possible. And it IS possible. I promise.

If you aren't part of my newsletter girl gang (which you totally should be!!) and didn't get the chance to try and spring on those first five spots, there will be ONE more 1:1 spot up for grabs during the week. :) The more you participate the better chance you have!

I already have so many amazing ladies signed up and I can't wait to have more of you join!!

I’m so excited to celebrate all of YOU and your commitment to living better and loving yourself more fully that week.

Who wants to take the leap with me!?

I can’t wait to see you all in the Facebook group and help you live your best lives!!

XO nat

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