My Experience With Country Life's Gut Connection Supplements!

gut health supplements

(please note that this blog post is sponsored by Country Life Vitamins, but all thoughts and reviews are honest and authentic!)

Having ulcerative colitis means I’m hyper aware of my gut health and hyper aware of how my gut health impacts my overall health.

Any time I have brain fog, low energy, a hard time falling asleep, poor digestion, etc. I typically point fingers at my gut, because it’s ALL connected. Truly. Our gut health is a huge indicator of our health as a whole. It can impact so much more than just our digestion, including our weight, our sleep, our mood, our energy, our immune system, our cognitive functioning and so much more.

gut health supplements

So, while I used to feel tired and lethargic and think, ‘COFFEE,’ or used to feel the brain fog come on and think, ‘NAP,’ I now know that I should try to instead balance my gut in order to find balance elsewhere.

The moment I began focusing on my gut health really was such a pivotal moment in my health journey. And although this focus began with probiotics and the food I was eating, I’ve expanded my focus in new ways, including Country Life Vitamins’ new non-probiotic Gut Connection supplements

I was beyond excited when I heard about the new Gut Connection line from Country Life because I had never seen anything like it. So, what exactly is Gut Connection?

Gut Connection is a scientifically formulated line of supplements that connects the gut to individual health issues, such as sleep, weight, immunity and cognitive functioning. What’s extremely unique about Gut Connection is that it’s a probiotic-free approach to gut health. This is extremely helpful if someone is sensitive to probiotics, like I’ve been feeling myself lately. 

gut health supplements

I started taking probiotics when I was a child, as my parents were well-versed in gut health, but just recently I started noticing that my insides weren’t sitting well with the probiotics. After trying a few different brands and finding no change, I decided to take a little break. My Gut Connection supplements have been the biggest life saver since that moment!

I personally take Mood Balance, Energy Balance and Digestive Balance. Having chronic gut health issues means I need all of the support I can get, and these three supplements have been working wonders.

I don’t take each supplement every single day but take them depending on where my health is at throughout the week. For example, I was sick the other week (which never happens to me) and my energy was lower than low, and my gut definitely felt off, so I continually took Energy Balance and I could tell a noticeable difference. Or when I felt my mood doing some rollercoaster loops the other day (and not from PMS), I made sure to take my Mood Balance for a few consistent days to get everything back in check.

gut health supplements

Due to my ulcerative colitis and other host of gut health issues and food intolerances I do take Digestive Balance almost daily because I always need help in that area! I can truly tell the difference on the days I take it versus the days I don’t. I’m more bloated and find that more foods seem to irritate me than if I hadn’t taken it. 

And that’s the amazing thing about Gut Connection! You get to choose how you mix and match the different formulas to fit YOUR life and personal health needs. Of course, since Country Life is a supplement brand (and an amazing one at that!), Gut Connection is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. BUT supplements are an amazing way to continually support your health.

gut health supplements

The eight available Gut Connection formulas are:

  • Mood Balance

  • Energy Balance

  • Digestive Balance

  • Weight Balance

  • Sleep Balance

  • Immune Balance

  • Cognitive Balance

  • Stress Balance

After using my Gut Connection supplements for a couple of weeks now, I can truly say I see a difference in my gut health and, therefore, overall health and I can’t wait to continue using them (and let’s be real – try the others too! Ya girl could definitely use some Stress Balance right about now).

Check out Gut Connection for yourself here! Xx