My Top 10 Healthy Picnic Must-Have Snacks

(please note that this post is sponsored by Snapfish, but all opinions are honest and my own!)


Who doesn’t love a good healthy picnic!? When I think of summer I think of picnics right away. I’ve ALWAYS been a huge picnic lover because they combine so many of my favorite things – being outside, being with people I care about and eating good food. I have so many memories of bonfire dinner beach picnics on Whidbey Island when I was little, picnics during hikes with friends and picnics by the lake that I now live by. Speaking of which, my mom and I actually took our dinner to the lake for a little picnic last night and it was SO much fun!! There’s seriously nothing better than getting to stare at the sun on the lake while munching on mom’s good cooking (and getting to hangout with mom of course).


And my picnics just got a whole lot more fun thanks to Snapfish! I was able to create a custom cutting board, coasters and beach towel to help me prepare for picnic season. I felt #fancyaf preparing all my snackies with my cutting board and everything felt more special while eating on my Blonde Gone Clean towel. You can never have too much branding amiright!? ;) It was seriously like foodie heaven getting to create these fun little gifts for myself!


But anyways, since picnic season is upon us, I thought I’d share some of my favorite snacky, healthy picnic must-haves to make your next picnic a healthy hit. I’ve always been a snacky gal and love having lots of little bites and nibbles. I think it’s more fun and then I get to have a little of everything I love! Seriously… if I could live off of snacks I think I would. Oh wait… I kind of do. ;) Okay, now to the SNACKS:

  1. Veggies: It wouldn’t be a nat picnic without veggies DUH. I always love having cut up fresh (or roasted) veggies to dip in all the fun dips. My favorites? Cucumber slices, carrots and roasted brussel sprouts. One of my biggest healthy hacks? Keep veggies prepped (either just raw and cut up or roasted/steamed) in the fridge at all times for easy grab-and-go picnicking!

  2. Pesto: I don’t know about you but I’m ADDICTED to pesto. I have my special go-to recipe coming out next week (stay tuned!!) and ya’ll are going to love it. It’s so thick and creamy and makes for the perfect dip with veggies and crackers.

  3. Other dips: Clearly I’m a dip-loving gal too LOL I just love having a variety of flavors and dips always do the trick. I love bringing things like stone-ground mustard (call me crazy), Trader Joe’s green goddess dressing and Core and Rind cashew “cheesy” sauce to dip my veggies and crackers in too. If you eat legumes, hummus is a great option too!

  4. Nuts: I always make sure to have a healthy fat in the mix to keep me and my friends and family satisfied and full and nuts are just so easy! My favorites are dry-roasted cashews and raw pecans. Even making a fun trail mix with nuts, coconut flakes and dried fruit is a great option.

  5. Avocado deviled eggs: These are a new favorite and I think they’re about to become a staple for me. I simply mashed up the yolks of my eggs with avocado, salt, pepper and a drizzle of lemon juice and called it a day. They’re the perfect twist on a classic and give the picnic the protein punch it needs!

  6. High-quality lunchmeats: If I’m feeling like even more protein in the mix I like packing a high-quality lunchmeat. A lot of lunchmeats contain sugars and added gums (ick!!) so always check your ingredients. Diestel lunchmeats have no added junk and taste BOMB.

  7. Paleo crackers: I’ve been obsessing over Liberated Specialty Foods paleo herb crackers lately and they’re the perfect vessel for all the dips. Made with the best ingredients and perfectly crunchy!!

  8. Spindrift: It’s not a picnic without a little bubbly now is it!? My kind of bubbly that is. ;) Ya’ll probably know by now how obsessed I am with these drinks and it’s for a good reason. They have no natural flavors or added sugars – only real fruit! How amazing is that!? Throw in a little fresh mint and lemon and you’ve got yourself one fancy drink.

  9. Fruits: I always incorporate some of nature’s candy for a little post-picnic dessert! I’ve been loving cotton candy grapes and fresh berries lately because eating seasonally is the BEST.

  10. My baked goodies: But if nature’s candy isn’t enough, I love bringing along some of my baked goodies to share. My favorites right now are my turmeric cookies, classic banana bread and coconut cashew butter cups.

Next time you go on a picnic try out these snackies and I promise you’ll have the best, healthy picnic like EVER. ;) And if you have a foodie in your life (or you yourself are a foodie) definitely treat them (or yoself) to some fun, custom, picnic-perfect goodies from SnapFish!

XO nat