Fitting in Fitness in Ireland


I truly don't think health is something to take a vacation from; it's a lifestyle and should go with you everywhere. But, with that said, there's no need to spend hours slaving away in the hotel gym when you could be exploring a new city and spending time with your loved ones. I never want fitness to feel like a chore (and I understand that sometimes that is what it can feel like when you're on vacation) but I also know it is all too easy to take a hiatus from your health when you're taking a hiatus from work or school.

I have 3 short days left in Ireland, but I've already spent 7 AMAZING days here, so I'm feeling very blessed. Throughout this last week I have kept up with my fitness and I'm feeling as energetic and healthy as ever. Here's how I managed to stay on top of things while still soaking in my surroundings and the new culture I'm immersed in:

1. What better way to explore a new place quickly than by running!? I fit in a handful of BEAUTIFUL runs along the Galway Bay and through the Killarney National Park which led me to some beautiful beaches, small islands and historic monuments I would have never otherwise seen.


2. Walking walking and MORE WALKING. Even though my family and I had a rental car we made the choice to walk to most all of our destinations clocking in TONS of miles everyday (these miles on top of my runs? You could say my legs are feeling it). Resist the urge to take the easy route and leave the car parked at the hotel.


3. No gym? No problem (and let's be honest-- hotel gyms aren't that great anyways). I made the best out of what I had and simply did abs and arm workouts in the hotels and apartments we had rented! You don't need anything fancy to still workout. Turn up the music on your phone and get to work right where you are! I worked my booty and legs by doing stare routines on a set of cement stairs I came across on one of my runs and doing step ups and knee ups on benches around parks.


If you can get a little creative, working out is possibly ANYWHERE (but I do have to say I'm excited to get back to my gym at home). With that being said, it's VACATION, so treat yourself and go for the traditional foods even if they aren't as healthy or the ice cream cone once in awhile. Putting yourself in too many boxes will make you resent your health and fitness routine and I want you to love it as much as I have learned to.

XO nat