I think by now it’s quite obvious how obsessed I am with my cauliflower oatmeal and so many of you have gotten hooked as well! (I also have another paleo oatmeal that’s made with coffee – SO GOOD). No joke, I’ve had it every day for breakfast (except for once) this past week… if it ain’t broke why fix it?

Some of you may be thinking “uh Nat… cacao isn’t SCD friendly…” and guess what? You’re right! But guess what else? I don’t really care. 


YES, I’m still following SCD (going on 6 months and I love how it’s making me feel), but I have decided that if I want something small that isn’t SCD friendly every once in awhile, then that is perfectly okay. There are many non-SCD-friendly foods that I definitely will not experiment with right now, but I honestly just really wanted some chocolate in my life.


I didn’t realize how much I had missed cacao until I decided to treat myself the other day and boy am I glad that I did. It’s been so fun reincorporating it – experimenting with recipes, making these creamy oats and sipping on healthy hot chocolate.


I think that’s my biggest tip for any of you out there that are either starting on SCD or other elimination-style diets to help your gut – just remember that it’s in YOUR power to add foods back in if they don’t seem to hurt your stomach or (even if they are “allowed”) take other foods out because they seem to be hurting your stomach. All of our bodies are so unique and we know our bodies best. Tune in, listen to your body and treat yourself to a little chocolate.

Because what is life without a little chocolate?

XO nat

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Paleo Cacao Cauliflower "Oats" (Grain Free + Gluten Free + Dairy Free + Refined Sugar Free)

This paleo spin on oatmeal will be sure to hit the spot and cure all of your chocolatey cravings while also fueling your day!


1 1/2 cup frozen cauliflower rice

1 scoop Vital Proteins blackberry dark chocolate collagen (any chocolate protein powder will work)

1 Tbsp raw cacao powder

1 Tbsp coconut shavings

1 Tbsp coconut flour

1/2-1 tsp raw honey (optional)

banana slices, coconut flakes, nut butter (optional toppings)


  1. Steam your cauliflower oats until they are completely cooked. You can find frozen cauliflower rice at most grocery stores OR you can make your own by simply putting cauliflower in a food processor.

  2. While your cauliflower rice is steaming, mix all of your dry ingredients together in a small bowl.

  3. Once your cauliflower rice is done mix all of your dry ingredients in. If you are having a difficult time mixing it, feel free to add a dash of water or nut milk.

  4. If you want it a little sweeter, stir in the optional honey.

  5. Top with banana slices, coconut flakes and nut butter.