My Natural Skincare Routine: 10 Products I'm Obsessing Over

natural skincare

natural skincare

One of the questions I get most frequently is “what do you do to get such clear skin?” And I’m going to be honest you guys, up until now I didn’t really have a skincare routine… I’d wash my face at night in the shower and put face lotion on in both the AM and PM, but that was it. Now, I have a natural skincare routine that I'm obsessed with!

I didn’t used to see the point of using other types of skincare products because my genetics blessed me with clear skin. But lately I’ve made a change and have started viewing skincare as a form of self-love and self-care that goes far beyond simply what my skin looks like.

natural skincare

natural skincare

Taking the extra time each morning and night to care for my skin is almost a meditative time for me. It forces me to slow down and just focus on caring for myself either before or after a busy day, giving me the calmness I need to either take on the day or fall asleep after taking it on.

And of course, I think skincare goes far beyond simply what you’re putting on your face. I truly believe my skin is as clear as it is because of the healthy real-food diet I eat, the amount of water I drink, the amount of sleep I get and the amount I sweat each day. I also attribute a lot of it my daily collagen. You can read more about why I take collagen here, but in a nutshell, as my friend Danielle once said, "it's like a miracle in powder form"!

By no means am I saying I’m a skin expert and I’m continually searching for new natural/organic products. But for now, here is a sneak peek into the natural products I’ve been loving lately:

  1. Frank and White Laurel Hill facial toner: I spritz this all over my face after I've washed it and before putting on my moisturizer. It helps rehydrate your skin and give it a little brightness. It also just feels and smells SO refreshing.

  2. Frank and Whit face Walnut Hill serum: I use this as my nighttime moisturizer. It's made from argan oil, rosehip seed oil and pomegranate seed oil which help hydrate your skin, close your pores, correct dark spots and more. I literally wake up with the softest skin!

  3. Frank and Whit Chestnut Hill cleansing serum: Who else hates when their eye makeup just won't come off!? This girl does!! This cleansing serum is perfect for wiping your face totally clean because of the oils in it, including green tea seed oil and olive oil. I use this at night in the shower before cleaning my entire face.

  4. Avalon Organics vitamin C cleansing milk: I've literally used this face wash for AGES. I love using a cleansing milk versus a face wash that is soap-based, because it's easier on my skin and doesn't dry it out. It has no harsh sulfates, synthetic colors or fragrances, parabens, etc.

  5. Rose Quartz roller: I got a rose quartz roller only a couple of weeks ago, but I've been loving it so far. Jade rollers are super popular and after a bit of research it doesn't appear that my rose quartz roller differs very much. I use mine at night most days, but sometimes in the morning as well. It helps your skin better absorb your moisturizer, can help with blood circulation, de-puff your face and tone the skin. Rose quartz is also known to help spiritually with raising self-esteem and confidence, lower stress, balance emotions and more. I love having this beautiful gem in my daily routine!

  6. Avalon Organics Intense Defense Face lotion: I've only been using this lotion for a month or so, but I really love it in the mornings! To put it simply, it feels SO moisturizing, but not greasy.

  7. Frank and Whit oak lane mask: I used to think facial masks were silly and a waste of time. But BOY was I missing out!!! Just taking the time to apply a facial mask is such a fun way to show myself some love and it compliments any "me" night or girl's night. This mask, made with organic raw cacao, turmeric, activated charcoal, and Moroccan Rhassoul Clay truly makes my face feel so smooth and rejuvenated. And it smells like chocolate heaven. Does it get any better?

  8. Osea Malibu eyes & lips cream: The skin around my eyes tends to get really dry for some reason, so this is a life saver. I use it along with my normal moisturizer around my eyes and lips to keep them both smooth.

  9. Beauty Counter Balancing facial mask: My other favorite mask is the charcoal mask from Beauty Counter that my sweet friend Christina gave me (with a few others) for Christmas. It draws out excess oil and helps make the appearance of your pores smaller. This one is easier to travel with because it's already in "liquid" mask form, whereas the frank and whit face mask is a powder and has to be mixed with water, which can get a little messy.

  10. CLEARstem: Like I said, I have naturally clear skin, but even I get blemishes at times (no one is perfect ya'll!) and when I do I always use my friend Kayleigh's CLEARstem anti-acne and anti-aging serum. So much scientific research went into creating this product and it actively works to reduce breakouts.

I think I used to simply be a little stubborn when it came to self-care in its most cliché sense. I saw everyone using face masks and special products and taking baths with rose petals and I would always tell myself that I found those things boring and unnecessary. But once I gave in a little and started dabbling in them, I realized how FUN it truly is to take that time to pamper yourself.

Of course, having special products isn’t necessary in order to practice self-care, but simply slowing down to do something nice for yourself is so calming. It’s like a daily reminder that you LOVE yourself, you CARE about yourself and your body. I’m obviously great at showing my body love in the forms of the food I eat and the movement I do, but until now I didn’t realize how outwards care is just as fulfilling.

So take this as your reminder to show yourself some love, even if it’s just a little bit each day – you deserve it!

XO nat