Finding Specific Carbohydrate Diet Products on Thrive Market

specific carbohydrate diet products

(please note that this blog post is in partnership with Thrive Market, but all opinions are honest and true! I never share products I do not believe in 100%. Keeping reading for an amazing deal if you’re interested in trying Thrive!).

When I first started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet I felt completely overwhelmed and lost. Sound familiar?

 I get it – the Specific Carbohydrate Diet can be HARD. The list of “illegal” foods is daunting and the thought of checking every single label for sneaky gums and additives and making almost everything by scratch is enough to make you want to quit before day one is even over.

But trust me, it is WORTH it to help your gut if you also struggle with IBD like I do. I started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet in August of 2017 after my ulcerative colitis diagnosis at the age of 21. I was also on medication from the first day, but I committed to taking every holistic approach I could as well.

 Although I am so thankful for medication and how it kept my symptoms calm for the first few months of my diagnosis and how it also came close to saving my life last summer, I am also grateful that I DO continually take holistic approaches as well. Focusing greatly on nutrition, stress management, quality sleep, staying active, etc. helps me feel in control of my body and health, even when most days IBD fully controls me. It gives me power of a disease that tries to take my power away over and over again.

 I will never ever shame anyone for relying on western medicine (because hello so do I), but it always baffles me when someone with IBD solely relies on medication and doesn’t make any dietary changes. IBD is a disease that affects the digestive system… how can you NOT think twice about what you’re putting in your body?

specific carbohydrate diet products

 Food is powerful. Remember that.

 If you’re reading this thinking, “uhhh what the heck is the Specific Carbohydrate Diet?” let me explain. It’s a low inflammation diet that was scientifically designed and developed for individuals living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. It focuses on eliminating disaccharides and polysaccharides (complex carbohydrates) due to their difficulty to digest. As it states on the official “Breaking the Viscious Cycle” website: “Complex carbohydrates that are not easily digested feed harmful bacteria in our intestines causing them to overgrow producing by products and inflaming the intestine wall. The diet works by starving out these bacteria and restoring the balance of bacteria in our gut.”  

 There’s a complete list of “legal” and “illegal” foods that has to be followed and it can be extremely stressful the first time you look at it. My biggest tip? Focus on what you CAN still eat, rather on what you can’t.

 But do you know what else helps? Finding every single pre-packaged food you CAN eat while on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (so you don’t actually end up meal prepping for 8 hours every Sunday). It’s not easy, but Thrive Market makes it so. much. easier!!!

 Thrive Market is an online retailer that sells top healthy products for 25-50% off of their retail prices. Think of it like Whole Foods, but you get to shop from your coach and save TONS of money. This is a huge while on SCD as well because it can seem like a money sucker having to buy such specialty foods.

 My top Specific Carbohydrate Diet friendly products on Thrive Market:

specific carbohydrate diet products

 Canned Coconut Cream and Coconut Milk:

One of the big (and sneakiest) things to look out for while on SCD are added gums like guar gum and xanthan gum. They’re in EVERYTHING from salsas, to soups, to canned coconut products. The Thrive Market brand coconut creams and milks are one of the only brand I’ve found without them. I love making homemade coconut whipped cream, using it in soups and curries, banana ice cream, energy balls, smoothies and even baked goods.

Almond Flour:

Honestly the amount of money I started spending on almond flour when I started SCD was insane. Almond flour is typically so expensive, but it’s also the base of most all of my SCD friendly baked goods. The thrive market bag is only $7.99 for 16oz!

Coconut Flour:

Coconut flour is also in most all of my SCD friendly baked goodies and pancakes/waffles so the fact that I can get a 16oz bag (of ORGANIC coconut flour) for $3.49 is insane to me. I’m always stocked up on this.

Coconut Wraps:

Are you sensing a coconut theme? ;) What can I say. I love coconut! These wraps are the perfect alternative to tortillas when I’m craving a wrap or breakfast burrito. I love the original and turmeric flavors the best!

Coconut Flakes:

Here we are again with coconut! Smoothies and smoothie bowls became a big thing for me when I started SCD because when I pre-cooked and then frozen fruits and veggies for them they were one of the easiest foods for me to digest at breakfast. I would always jazz them up by topping with unsweetened, toasted coconut flakes.

specific carbohydrate diet products

Kettle and Fire bone broth:

Another sneaky thing to look for while on SCD are natural flavors. It’s crazy to me how many bone broths have natural flavors (what even IS natural chicken flavor??????) in them. Kettle and Fire is one of my favorite brands and I love that I can find it for cheaper on Thrive.

Non-GMO Creamy Almond Butter:

I’ve found that nut butters help a lot on SCD because it’s easy to feel limited and hungry when you first start. Nut butters helped keep me full and keep my weight on! Always make sure to check the ingredient list though for added sweeteners (this Thrive brand almond butter only has one ingredient -almonds!). I also always get creamy nut butter as it’s easier to digest. This is my current FAVORITE almond butter.

A few un-pictured SCD friendly products you can also find on Thrive?

  • Artisana Organics raw tahini and Thrive Market organic tahini

  • Artisana Organics coconut butter, raw pecan butter, raw cashew butter, raw almond butter and raw walnut butter

  • Coconut oil, avocado oil and olive oil

  • Wild Planet sardines and Thrive Market sardines

  • Safe Catch tuna and Thrive Market tuna

  • Dried fruits like dried mango, dried apricots, dried figs, etc. (note that dried fruit is not suggested for SCD beginners and should only be added in small quantities)

And more!!!!

You can use THIS link for a FREE 30-day trial and an extra 25% off of your first Thrive Market order (on top of the already crazy low prices? Truly can’t be beat)! If you have any more questions about Thrive you can read about “why Thrive” here and about their “Thrive Gives” program here!

 So, if you’re new to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and are thinking you’re doomed – I promise you aren’t. Get creative, have fun in the kitchen, and order as much as you can from Thrive Market to help you out.

You’ve got this.