Stop Glorifying Busy

"Hey! How are you?" "OMG SO stressed, I literally have so much to do I don't even know where to start." Sound familiar? Don't even pretend like it doesn't. Ever since coming to college it seems as if the only response I ever get to the "Hey! How are you?" question is "stressed," "SO busy," "overwhelmed," or "on the verge of a breakdown." Of course, I don't want to be a hypocrite- I definitely have said each and every one of those phrases in response to someone asking how I am as well. Freshman year I didn't even think twice about this. I was stressed, right? I was overwhelmed, right? Being on the verge of a breakdown was normal, right? I mean it's college after all. The land of pulling all-nighters (I've still never done this... how people, how?!), of studying and only taking a break to stay up too late partying, of looming finals (that for some reason people start stressing about day one of class), and of trying to be an adult in a world full of not-quite-adults. Sounds stressful, right? WRONG. Okay, sure, yes, college has moments of being stressful, but it shouldn't be a constant whirlwind of an "I'm stressed" mentality. But I’ve noticed that for some reason there is this strange normality around being stressed in college. It’s almost like it’s “cool” to be stressed, and if you aren’t stressed then you’re looked down upon. You’re told (in a very passive aggressive tone) that you’re just so lucky that you have so much free time and that your classes don’t make you want to pull your hair out. But shouldn’t that be a good thing? I know I’ve been in this position tons of times. I started out as a marketing major my freshman year and have countless memories of being told I was “lucky” that I had such an "easy" major. Someone literally said to me once: “Business classes are just so much easier than the science classes I have to take.” I remember wanting to be like “b*tch please try to do my accounting homework right now. I dare you.” BUT of course I’m not rude like that so I simply (and very kindly I might add ;) )told her that every major and their classes are difficult in their own way and that science and business classes shouldn’t even be compared because they’re so different (duh). Since then I’ve changed my major to mass communications and have encountered the same sorts of back-handed compliments right and left, that I’m just so lucky to have the major I do (*insert eye roll*).

But you know what I am lucky because I chose a major that I am absolutely and 100% completely in love with. So what if I don’t have 10 page exams every few weeks or have to spend half of my life studying? But also, why should it matter to anyone else? There is nothing glamorous about being stressed or so busy that it drives you to tears, so don’t fall into the norm. If you aren’t stressed don’t be afraid to have a different answer to “Hey! How are you?” If you spent your night before your finals watching Netflix instead of at the library simply because you weren’t that stressed (aka me last night- holla) then don’t be afraid to admit it! If you honestly have time to just relax and do something for fun- then do it and do it with confidence! You don’t always have to be thinking of what the next thing is you can work on or do early- sometimes the most productive thing you can do is to do nothing and let yourself relax and recharge. There is nothing wrong with not being stressed (I mean you read our post about the effects of stress... can you say yikes?), even if it seems like everyone else is.

And it’s not like I only noticed how everyone claims to be stressed and overwhelmed 24/7 in college, but that they also love to talk about it 24/7. In fact, that seems to be the only thing that dining hall conversations center around these days. And once one person explains how stressed they are, buckle-up and get ready because everyone else is going to pitch in as well. It’s like stress has become some sort of strange competition, and it makes no sense to me. So here’s my dare to you- break the norm, be okay with not being constantly stressed, and when you are stressed talk about something other than that stress. AND if you have an “easy” major like me, be confident, stand tall, and let your love for what you do be enough.

“…we wear our busyness like a badge of honor as though being busy by itself is an accomplishment or sign of superior life.”

-Dieter F. Uchtdorf

I’ll officially be home for Christmas break tonight (yay for train ride blogging!) for the next three weeks so I’ll be blogging, blogging, blogging! There are some changes coming to the blog that will come along with the New Year, so stay tuned. AND look forward to some fun holiday recipes and my answers to your questions coming soon!

XO nat