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6 Tips To Help You Eat Intuitively While On A Healing Diet

I consider myself an intuitive eater, but I also follow a healing diet. I know, crazy right? But just hear me out. I’ve been called out for this, being told that you can’t eat a specific way (aka paleo and SCD in my case) and be an “intuitive eater.”

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Getting My Ulcerative Colitis Warrior Spirit Back: Health Update

I’ve been wanting to write a health-update post for you all for so long now, but I just couldn’t quite get in the right headspace to do so. Because, to be honest, up until now I was struggling. A lot. Physically, mentally, emotionally.

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5 Things To Never Say To Someone With IBD

With Crohn’s and colitis awareness week having been last week, my autoimmune disease was on my mind almost 24/7. Getting to connect with so many other IBD warriors and share their stories on my Instagram was so amazing and showed me how bada** dealing with IBD truly makes us.

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