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Heated Yoga Recap + Life Update

Let me just get something straight right off the bat here, I’m no avid yogi. I’ve noticed lately though that I have had an undeniable wish that it was a more integral part of my life and fitness plan, so I’ve been trying to make strides in that goal.

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Stop Glorifying Busy

“Hey! How are you?” “OMG SO stressed, I literally have so much to do I don’t even know where to start.” Sound familiar? Don’t even pretend like it doesn’t. Ever since coming to college it seems as if the only response I ever get to the “Hey! How are you?”

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The Power of Positive Thinking and Living Each Day With a Grateful Heart.

Does anyone else think it’s crazy that it’s already November?! This school year has been flying by, but I couldn’t be happier that the holiday season is starting to creep up on us AND I couldn’t be happier that it’s “Be Thankful” Month! 

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