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My Journey With Gut Health: Stomach "History," IBS and Food Intolerances

Before I truly dive into what IBS is, how I figured out I have it, how I discovered the foods that trigger it for me and what I do to help me feel better, let’s back up a little and take you through a history of my stomach.

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Does anyone else use cooking/baking as a way to procrastinate? I usually HATE procrastinating and typically get all of my schoolwork done days in advance (call me a nerd), but sometimes homework becomes a black hole and the only way out is to do something that makes my soul happy. So when I do procrastinate, it’s what I call productive procrastination. I’m the queen of it. It’s when I know I need to work on an essay for class, but instead draft 4 blog posts, reorganize my entire pantry and make homemade hummus, pesto AND peanut butter.

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Living Life With Food Sensitivities

I’m sure many of you know that I have a very very very long list of food sensitivities. Let’s give it a go- gluten, dairy, soy, apples, pears, raw cauliflower (for some reason super cooked cauli is fine though?

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