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Ulcerative Colitis Stole my Spontaneity but Gave me Strength: The Losses & Gains of Chronic Illness

When I was first diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2017, I had the same thought that most young women probably have when they receive the news that they have a chronic illness – “My. Life. Is. OVER.”

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Getting My Ulcerative Colitis Warrior Spirit Back: Health Update

I’ve been wanting to write a health-update post for you all for so long now, but I just couldn’t quite get in the right headspace to do so. Because, to be honest, up until now I was struggling. A lot. Physically, mentally, emotionally.

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My Journey With Gut Health: Stomach "History," IBS and Food Intolerances

Before I truly dive into what IBS is, how I figured out I have it, how I discovered the foods that trigger it for me and what I do to help me feel better, let’s back up a little and take you through a history of my stomach.

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