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My Wellness Identity Crisis: How I Finally Realized It's (more than) Okay to Have Diverse Passions

I shared on my Instagram story yesterday how frustrated I’ve been with the new(ish) Instagram algorithm. If you aren’t a blogger or business on Instagram, hyper-focused on growing a brand and getting your message out, you may not have given it much notice, but for us creatives, it’s a big deal.

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What "Listening to Your Body" Means to Me

I’m sure “listening to your body” is not a foreign phrase to any of you. Whether you’ve heard your favorite blogger preach it, seen it in the title of an article or read about it on Instagram, I’m almost 100% certain you’ve come in contact with the elusive idea.

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Run the Mile You're In (Even During the Longest Runs)

As I begin training for the Portland marathon, I’ve had so many different thoughts and emotions. I feel a constant buzz of excitement running through my body, but every once in a while, I feel the biggest wave of nervousness. 

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