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College Advice: 10 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Freshman-Year Self

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I’m a college graduate… does that mean I’m a REAL adult!? Thinking back on these past four years, it hit me that I just really, REALLY wish I could've given my freshman year self some college advice.

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My Journey With Gut Health: Stomach "History," IBS and Food Intolerances

Before I truly dive into what IBS is, how I figured out I have it, how I discovered the foods that trigger it for me and what I do to help me feel better, let’s back up a little and take you through a history of my stomach.

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Luxembourg Travel Thoughts Pt. 1: Anxiety, Being Present & Finding Balance

Two weeks ago I arrived in Luxembourg and it has truly been a trip of a lifetime so far.

Remember in my travel anxiety post how I talked about me being a bad traveler? Well, this trip has helped me prove to myself that I’m not such a bad traveler after all. I just didn’t know what kind of traveler I was before.

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What Being a Strong Woman Means to Me

Believe it or not, I used to be very shy, constantly compare myself to those around me and have a hard time ignoring what other’s thought about me. Even when I first started this blog, I would get embarrassed when people would bring it up. 

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Living Life With Food Sensitivities

I’m sure many of you know that I have a very very very long list of food sensitivities. Let’s give it a go- gluten, dairy, soy, apples, pears, raw cauliflower (for some reason super cooked cauli is fine though?

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Love Your Gut, Eat (Good) Bacteria

With all of my food sensitivities and unknown stomach issues (thankfully I’m on the way to getting some answers!), loving my gut is necessary. I do whatever I can, whenever I can to help it stay healthy. I do this by eating healthy, eating as little processed foods as I can.

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