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No shame in the basic game because pumpkin spice is too dang good. I will admit I despise pumpkin spice lattes, so maybe I’m not that basic.  But this paleo pumpkin spice dip? This is a pumpkin spice I CAN get behind.

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If you had told me two years ago that I would develop my own recipes one day, I’d look at you like bish waaaat?!

But for real, I used to SUCK at cooking. I could bake, but I had to follow a recipe to the freaking T.

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Fat Won't Make You Fat

Let me guess, 80% of you think that eating fat will make you fat… Some of you probably even think that thinking about fat is going to make your jeans a little tighter. Well, if that was the truth, then I’d look quite different than I do.

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Nut Butter Standoff: A Nutritional Comparison of Various Nut Butters

Hi. My name is Natalie Kelley and I’m a nut butter addict… And I’m 100% (make that 1000000%) okay with that. It’s true. I love love LOVE my nut butters (and seed butters!). Nut butter on rice cakes and toast. Nut butter in cereal. Nut butter on (and in) oatmeal.

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