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Getting Rid of Travel Anxiety: Food Suitcases, Fitness and Planning Ahead

I can hardly believe that I embark on a month-long journey in Luxembourg NEXT FRIDAY!!! It’s finally hit me as I’ve been preparing and packing like crazy. And as the travel anxiety starts to hit… 

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6 Tips For a Healthy Finals Week

Current questions running through my mind: How many times can I wear the same pair of Lulus without anyone noticing? Have I really not washed my hair for three days (k but for real this is way healthier for your hair so don’t judge)?

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Choosing Joy: Striking a Balance With Control & Being Receptive to Change

I’ll be the first to admit- I’m a perfectionist. I like my spaces to be clean and organized to a T, I like my schoolwork to be my best work every single time (I’ve chilled a little more on this thank goodness), I take way too much time editing photos.

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