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Nat Tells All: Dealing with Grief, My Past With Disordered Eating & Post Marathon Fitness Goals

I’ve been getting asked the same question quite frequently lately – “when are you running another marathon?” And if it isn’t that exact question then it’s some close variation – “do you plan on running another marathon?” “do you still follow a running plan?” “do you still do long runs?”…

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What "Listening to Your Body" Means to Me

I’m sure “listening to your body” is not a foreign phrase to any of you. Whether you’ve heard your favorite blogger preach it, seen it in the title of an article or read about it on Instagram, I’m almost 100% certain you’ve come in contact with the elusive idea.

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Learning To Respect My Body

I haven’t run in almost two weeks. TWO WEEKS. Do you to know when the last time was that I didn’t run for two weeks? Before running even became my passion at least two years ago. And even then, I usually ran a couple of times a week

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