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Essential Oils For Transitioning Back To School

I head back to school on Tuesday and I can hardly believe I’m about to start my senior year of college… When people warned me that these 4 years really fly by, they weren’t kidding.

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Choosing Joy: Striking a Balance With Control & Being Receptive to Change

I’ll be the first to admit- I’m a perfectionist. I like my spaces to be clean and organized to a T, I like my schoolwork to be my best work every single time (I’ve chilled a little more on this thank goodness), I take way too much time editing photos.

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Learning To Let My Mind Slow Down Through Yoga

It took me quite a while to truly get into yoga becuase I used to get extremely impatient- my mind would wander in class wondering how much longer I had left and I’d get antsy. My life is very go, go, go. It starts early in the morning.

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