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If you follow me on Instagram, you know by now that my stomach has had a mind of it’s own lately. My first reaction was “it’s probably just my ulcerative colitis acting up,” but the more I sat with the pain, the more I realized something else was at play. I know my body VERY well and I can just tell… something else is wrong and I’m bound and determined to figure it out.

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Summer is right around the corner so you know what that means - smoothie bowls every. single. day. Or close to it. ;) And smoothie bowls every day clearly means allllll the best toppings! I’m a huge sucker for smoothie toppings like paleo granola, coconut flakes and fresh fruit. Who’s with me!?

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6 Tips To Help You Eat Intuitively While On A Healing Diet

I consider myself an intuitive eater, but I also follow a healing diet. I know, crazy right? But just hear me out. I’ve been called out for this, being told that you can’t eat a specific way (aka paleo and SCD in my case) and be an “intuitive eater.”

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