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Becoming A Full-Time Entrepreneur (And Why I Quit My First Full-Time Job)

Some people would call me crazy, or even stupid, for quitting my first full-time job to be an entrepreneur after only 2 months. But do you know what I say to those people? It takes more courage and strength to quit your first full-time job after only 2 months to follow a dream you’ve had since you were 8.

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10 Tips to Help You Pass the NASM CPT Test

I’ve been promising this blog post about the NASM CPT test for what feels like AGES now, but life got a little more hectic after gaining my personal training certification than I anticipated. Truthfully I was just going to post an IGTV (if you don’t know what that is, it’s like a little mini youtube video on Instagram) with my study tips, but I wanted something a little more permanent feeling and tangible for ya’ll to learn from.

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Follow Your Dreams: Taking a Leap of Faith and Changing My Life Plan

If you thought the surprises ended at the ebook, you’re wrong. ;) I’ve been keeping something else from you guys because it took me awhile to wrap my head around it myself… because ya’ll… I completely changed my life plan.

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