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Luxembourg Travel Thoughts Pt. 2: A Culture's Role in Fostering Healthier Relationships With Food

I didn’t even know a single month could fly by so quickly. Going into this past month’s trip I was nervous. VERY nervous (read more about why on my post about travel anxiety). But I now realize all of that worry was unnecessary. 

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Luxembourg Travel Thoughts Pt. 1: Anxiety, Being Present & Finding Balance

Two weeks ago I arrived in Luxembourg and it has truly been a trip of a lifetime so far.

Remember in my travel anxiety post how I talked about me being a bad traveler? Well, this trip has helped me prove to myself that I’m not such a bad traveler after all. I just didn’t know what kind of traveler I was before.

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Travel Packing Tips: Carryons and Clothing

It’s my first full day in beautiful Luxembourg and so far I’m loving it! There have been a few bumps in the road – I thought my dinner last night had dairy after I had eaten a bunch of it and I had a momentary panic attack.

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Getting Rid of Travel Anxiety: Food Suitcases, Fitness and Planning Ahead

I can hardly believe that I embark on a month-long journey in Luxembourg NEXT FRIDAY!!! It’s finally hit me as I’ve been preparing and packing like crazy. And as the travel anxiety starts to hit… 

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