Thank You 2017, Hello 2018: New Year's Reflections & Intentions


I can hardly believe it’s already 2018 (2017 was SUCH an amazing year – if you want to hear about my highlights, check out my 22nd birthday post!). A new year, full of so many unknown memories, highlights, new friendships, and ups and downs just waiting to be experienced. The thought of this coming year makes me excited, nervous, overjoyed and scared all at once.

2018 has a lot in store for me – the Good Fest, graduating from college, moving back to Washington, starting my first “big girl” job, getting my first apartment and so much more that I can’t even begin to foresee. Isn’t that the craziest thing to think about? There are SO many things in our future that we can’t even imagine right now… I get all giddy just thinking about it!!

And although I’m nervous and a little scared, because big changes always leave me feeling anxious, my excitement for what’s to come overpowers it. I’m so ready and excited to make all of these big steps in my life and I have a feeling this may be one of the best years yet. I have a feeling it’ll be a year of extreme growth and happiness and I can’t wait to soak it all in.


I used to not be one for setting New Year’s resolutions, but as I’ve gotten older and started being more reflective, I love sitting down and setting intentions for the year to come. Intentions keep me grounded and centered and help to remind me of the ways I want to grow (I like calling them intentions, not resolutions. Read my post from two years ago to hear why!). They serve as a promise to myself to keep bettering myself, working towards goals and never settling. They remind me that although I’m so happy with my life, that there is always room for improvement, for more joy and more love.

I think another reason I never used to love setting New Year’s intentions is because I felt like I needed to commit to huge goals in order for them to “count.” But guess what? That couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, if a big goal serves you, then make that one of your intentions and work your booty off to get there. But, intentions can also be as small as making your bed every morning, drinking more water or being more mindful. Intentions can be, and should be, whatever you feel will carry you into the most positive new year and push you to become better in whatever way that may be.


For me this year, my intentions are simple. They aren’t necessary quantifiable, but they are things I have been working on and want to continue to work on. I like to phrase my intentions in a positive way, as wishes, because it helps me remember to also pray and meditate on these things and not only work on them by myself. The universe wants to see us succeed, but we must lean on it and on faith (whatever that faith may be for you!) and believe that these things will manifest in our lives. This may sound woo-woo to some of you, but I truly believe faith and imagining these changes occurring is just as important as hard work when it comes to making our dreams a reality and reaching goals.

  1. I wish to be more go-with-the-flow and spontaneous.

  2. I wish to take more time to just relax, read, write in my journal, etc. and not work 24/7.

  3. I wish to stay calm in the face of change.

  4. I wish to continue on this path of self love.

  5. I wish to focus more on making memories with friends and family.

  6. I wish to dedicate more time to meditation.

  7. I wish to dive deeper into my spirituality in new ways.

  8. I wish to keep growing this platform and throwing as much into it as I can so I can reach and inspire as many people as I possibly can.

  9. I wish to simply lead a life this year that is completely genuine to who I am to my core.


And as much as I’m looking forwards to 2018 and dedicating time to these intentions, I don’t want to rush out of 2017 without taking the time to think of all of the ways it served me.

So, thank you 2017 for bringing me new friends.

Thank you 2017 for teaching me many lessons about leadership.

Thank you 2017 for showing me how mentally strong I am.

Thank you 2017 for pushing me as a runner.

Thank you 2017 for giving me more confidence than ever before.

Thank you 2017 for showing me new places all around the world.

So here’s to a new year, new memories, new friendships, old friendships that carry into this new year, new experiences, new growth, a new home and a completely new life once I graduate. 2018 may bring with it many changes, but I’m ready. I’m ready for whatever this year throws at me – the good, the bad, the ups, the downs, the happiest days, the struggles, the tears, the laughter… all of it. 2018… you’re going to be so magical, I can feel it.

XO nat