“During my 4 weeks working with Natalie, I made a lot of positive changes. I changed my Instagram name and really created a brand for myself. I was able to gain followers, engagement, grow a community and really establish what I want, why I want it and how I am going to achieve it. I also decided to start a blog which is so crazy and something I never really thought about before but now I am SO excited to begin. One of my biggest accomplishments was learning to believe in myself. I feel that sometimes Instagram can be so discouraging if you aren’t able to gain followers and build a community with your brand but Natalie helped me realize that my Instagram is cool as hell and I just need to believe in myself and be the real me, no matter what that is. The most valuable part of working with Natalie was knowing that achieving my dreams of becoming a blogger is possible. Natalie provided amazing resources to use for as long as I needed, along with weekly tasks to keep me working, engaged and focused on my goals. She also helped me by constantly being there either as a sounding board for ideas, captions, pictures or honestly to just be there as a friend. This was such an investment in myself, my brand and my future and I am so glad I took the jump and worked with Natalie.”

Sara K.

“From the first meeting to the last email, I knew Natalie was there for ME. She spoke so much wisdom and positivity into my coaching calls with her, and left me knowing that nothing I set out to do was too big or lofty for me to achieve. She held me accountable and set forth a structured, organized plan to help my online coaching business launch successfully. She kept me motivated and on track in order to be able to accomplish the goals we discussed on day one. She helped to lay a solid foundation for my online business, one that I know is a foundation for success. I know that if I had not worked with her, I would still be sitting, thinking instead of doing. She helped me to take the necessary actions to start. I could not have done this without her! My business went from a thought in my head to a real, functional online business, ready to launch according to the timeline Natalie and I set in place on day one. I have gained so much entrepreneurial knowledge, insight and confidence working with you. I now feel like I have a solid foundation on which to build my dream coaching business.”


“Natalie went above and beyond with every session! She provided me with so many tools that made it easy for me to see my future and make my dreams, my reality. Not only did Nat give me all the information I needed to move forward, but she was always cheering me on and believed in my vision and what I have to offer, which I think is so valuable. I am not only overall more confident in myself generally, but I am so confident with what I have to offer! It's so encouraging to have someone check in with you and validate your ideas and dreams. It gives you the extra push to start making these dreams come to life! Money is tight while in college, so I was hesitant to commit to spending money to do something for myself, but I am so glad I did! This business coaching was worth ever penny to me!!! And I look forward to renewing and doing a week by week calls in the future.”


“One of the most valuable parts about working with Nat was streamlining my process with my mailing list, starting freebie guides and working on starting a newsletter! She helped me find a better way of reaching out, finding clients, and following up with clients - this has allowed me to create a better system for giving out free info and keeping my clients in the loop on offers. Natalie was also so helpful with Instagram engagement, creating shareable content and creating a better system for staying engaged with clients and potential clients. I am so excited moving forward and I can’t wait to see how my coaching business continues to grow with your help!”


“Nat really helped me put my thoughts into actions. She gave me the guidance and accountability that I needed to finally make my ideas become a reality. I was finally able to see my business turn into something tangible. Nat helped me so much with all of the little steps that I really needed help with. I am so excited to say I have FINALLY turned my ideas into a business that I am excited to share with the world.”


“I loved working one-on-one with Natalie. It was great to hav someone by my side to answer my questions and issues that I came across. It really made me feel less alone in figuring all this out and I loved having a mentor to guide me! Natalie has a hybrid style of teaching - she helps you along the way with documents and things that have worked for her in the past, but also pushes you to do the work!”


(I always give my clients the option to opt out of sharing their name!) “With Natalie’s help I've been able to turn my ideas & thoughts into a reality. I've been able to create amazing content, and increase my engagement within my community. Natalie always takes the time to listen to my concerns & ideas. She went above & beyond to help with all the areas I wanted to dive into. Her organization & friendly personality has been so valuable and appreciated. Not only did I gain insight and knowledge but I truly have gained an amazing friend throughout this coaching experience! You are so easy to talk to & truly looked forward to our calls each week! I'm so thankful for this experience.”