“Natalie's program has been truly life-changing! I felt validated, understood and supported during my whole journey. Whether expressing an obstacle I encountered in the week or celebrating a small success I accomplished, Natalie was available to support me no matter what I needed at that moment. I've never experienced something so empowering, like having your own cheerleader right by your side as you're facing your wellness journey. Starting everything from a place of self-love is so important and I am sure that is the reason why her approach works so well! I have new habits coming out of this program that I always wished I had, like getting out of bed at my first alarm, eating breakfast, and going to the gym regularly. Having previously been unsuccessful in maintaining these habits, we explored my motivations and intentions behind creating these habits and Natalie guided me through actionable steps to accomplish these goals. I am walking out of this program so much more confident and more excited about life than the girl that first applied for it. I recommend Natalie to anyone and everyone who has wellness goals that they've struggled to achieve on their own.”


I have transformed my wellness and self-care from a negative outlook to a positive one! Now I can look at my workouts as a benefit to my body and brain, food as fuel and not as a stressor in my life, and being grateful for whatever my body is capable in the present moment. Natalie was SO empathetic with listening to my struggles and I always felt like I could share anything with her. She is such an inspiration because she does not only tell her clients what to do but she lives out her own advice as well. Natalie helped me work towards my goals by creating an easy to follow plan that I could look to when I was stressed, holding me accountable to reach my goals
and being a source to bounce ideas off of and offer amazing insight I never would have realized.”


“Natalie is such an incredible woman and I am so grateful to have been able to work with her. She is such an inspiration and SO supportive throughout your entire journey. Natalie made herself available to you ALL the time and always made sure she was one of your biggest supporters on your journey. She always made it so easy to talk to her about anything. Natalie puts her heart and soul into her clients and thanks to her I can come out of this program saying, I accept myself and my Crohn’s Disease and I will continue to be a fighter everyday. Natalie has literally been the best resource in my Crohn’s journey, even out of every doctor I’ve seen. I wouldn’t want to know where I would be wither her. What she does has a true impact on people.”


“Signing up for wellness coaching with Natalie was the best gift I could have given myself! For years I have struggled with one mental block after another that held me back from living a healthy and happy life. Having Natalie in my corner, guiding me and lifting me up was the exact push I needed to break through those barriers. Throughout our sessions we focused on developing an exercise routine that was sustainable, I learned about proper nutrition that helped me eliminate feelings of food guilt, and Natalie helped encourage me to make self-care more of a priority. At each of our weekly sessions, Natalie helped me celebrate my successes and gave me actionable suggestions for how I could continue to make positive changes in my life. For anyone who is ready to put guilt and low self-esteem behind them, I highly recommend working with Natalie! She has truly helped me change the way that I carry myself and has given me the mental freedom that I’ve been searching for.”