Hi! I’m Natalie

but You can call me Nat! I’m the founder of Plenty & Well, a space for REAL wellness with a focus on self-love and bringing hope to those living with IBD. I’m a certified personal trainer and holistic health coach, wellness blogger, recipe developer, self-love advocate and 23-year-old-entrepreneur based in Seattle.


I see life with a positive lens, I love myself fully (even on the not-so-good-days), I practice self-care daily, I work out because I love my body and I fuel that body with foods that make me feel GOOD.

I laugh a little too loudly at times, I could read Harry Potter for hours on end, I easily get lost in the pages of my journal, I make a fool out of myself daily, my bloodstream is most definitely made up of almond butter, green juice and squash and I am completely and utterly obsessed with helping other women find their own version of their happiest, most well life. Oh, I also have an autoimmune disease called ulcerative colitis and I’m also utterly obsessed with helping OTHER women with IBD find ways to live their fullest lives despite their diagnosis.

ulcerative colitis health coach

And trust me, I didn’t always used to be so bubbling over with happiness.


Throughout my college years I dealt with it all – grief, anxiety, disordered eating and exercise addiction, to name a few. I was trapped inside my mind, constantly speaking negatively to myself, seeing food as the enemy and seeing exercise as a punishment for my actions.

And when I hit rock bottom (and trust me I did) I sat in that darkness for quite some time, thinking “there has to be more to life than this.” And there is.

I started seeking help, growing into myself, learning to love life, see food as fuel, see exercise as a gift and rewriting the script of my life.

I would not be the girl defeated by self-hatred, an eating disorder or exercise addiction. I was going to be the girl who defeated that self-hatred, eating disorder and exercise addiction. And here I am, having defeated all three and living the best version of my life that I ever have. I’ve since then ran a marathon, gained strength and weight (and loved it!) and overcome my inner mean-girl.

And it’s because of that newfound positivity, self-love and in-tune connection to my body that I was able to bounce back from major gut health issues after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disease, in August 2017 and being hospitalized for it in June of 2018.

I got back up, dusted myself off, and, once again, reestablished what living well meant to me.

ulcerative colitis health coach

So what DOES living well mean to me? Well, it means a lot of things. It means…

  • Loving yourself unconditionally to the fullest extent

  • Caring for your mind, body and soul

  • Exercising to make your body feel good and never as a punishment

  • Eating mostly whole foods that help nourish your body and makes your gut feel GOOD

  • Speaking kindly to yourself every single day

  • Fostering healthy relationships and ridding your life of toxic ones

  • Creating a life, vibe and environment that helps you thrive 

As you can see, I take a holistic approach to wellness because I finally understand that living well goes far beyond simply what you’re eating and how you’re moving your body. Living well is ALL of it. Living well is also individualized and I never work with clients in the same exact way. You are unique, as will my approach to your life be.

So if you’ve ever felt lost when it comes to living well, if you’ve ever dealt with those same negative thoughts, body image issues or irrational thoughts around food and exercise, if you have gut health issues and have just accepted that you’ll never feel good, if you simply know there has to be more to life – then you’ve come to the right place.

ulcerative colitis health coach

Plenty+Well was created to help you feel full of life, love, confidence and joy.


To finally break free from diet culture and restrictive diets, negativity and self-hatred. To finally realize that living well starts with loving yourself unconditionally and that it IS possible to get there.

Peruse my recipes and blog for inspiration or check out my course and my services to find out how I can support you, push you and help you love yourself harder and find what living well means to you. I would be overjoyed to be your biggest support system, cheerleader and hype girl throughout your wellness journey!

Because life is meant to be loved and living well isn’t meant to be daunting. 

I’ve gotchoo boo.

XO nat


My Favorite Things:



Any and all of the Harry Potter books; The Third Plate



Harry Potter; Letters to Juliet



Delicata squash; almond butter


Musical Group:

Trevor Hall



Baking, writing poetry, reading, hiking



Running, weight lifting, boxing